• Heilongjiang River Fisheries Research Institute
    Founded in 1950, Heilongjiang River Fishery Research Institute (HRFRI) of Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences is the oldest fresh-water fishes research institute in China, ever subordinated to the former State Fishery Bureau in 1978 and welfare and foundational application research institute, HRFRI is responsible for the fresh-water fishery development in Heilongjiang fisheries as well as the north areas of China, while it also carries out some important research programs for national fishery development projects. HRFRI is mainly engaged in the researches on fresh-water fishery, especially on cold-water fishery. HRFRI his staff of 149 persons, among whom, the professional technicians are 107 persons including 40 persons with high, and 38 persons with medium rank titles, 14 persons enjoy the government allowance, 4 persons were conferred the title of "Middle-Youn