Pearl River Fisheries Research Institute (PRFRI) of Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences is located in the southwest of Guangzhou city. It is a national fishery research organization in Pearl River valley. whose research fields are focused on application basic research and applied technique research for tropical and subtropical fishery. Institute have 210 employees, including 116 professional technicians personnel, there are 37 professor and associate professor.

    Mainly research fields of PRFRI is Fishery Germplasm Resource and Heredity Breeding , Aquatic Farming and Nutrition, Aquatic Animal Disease Prevention and Cure, Fishery Environment Inspection and Protection, Fishery Biotechnology, Aquatic Laboratory Animal Science and Urban Fishery. PRFRI has several Lab. and supervision departments, including Key Lab.of Tropical & Subtropical Fish Breeding & Cultivation of Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences, Key Lab. Of Commercial Aquatic Animal Disease of Ministry of Agriculture, Guangdong Key Laboratory of Aquatic Animal Immune Techniques, National Fishery Environment