2008’ FishBase Symposium Held in Qingdao-Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences (CAFS)

updated Jan 9, 2017

2008’ FishBase Symposium Held in Qingdao

The 9th Annual FishBase Consortium Meeting and Symposium was held this year at the Yellow Sea Fisheries Research Institute, Qingdao, 1-3 September. FishBase is the world's largest, nonprofit database of fish, and it is adored by fish specialists, scientists of related disciplines and enthusiasts alike. It included descriptions of over 30,000 species of fish, covering almost the majority of known information of the world fish resources. FishBase Consortium started in 2000, originally with 7 members, including WorldFish Center, Royal Museum for Central Africa (Belgium), Swedish Museum of Natural History (Sweden), University of British Columbia (Canada), National Museum of Natural History (Paris), FAO, and the Leibniz Institute of Marine Sciences(German). Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece) was recruited as the 8th member in 2004. Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences was welcomed as a new member of the FishBase Consortium in 2007 as the 9th member. The Consortium consists of scientific institutions dedicated to the support of FishBase, contributing staff, resources and strategic guidance for the maintenance and development of FishBase.

The FishBase Consortium Meeting and Symposium is an annual event. In the annual meeting, consortium members review their past activities and report to the meeting their existing problems and annual workplans. Usually, the Consortium meeting is scheduled at the first week of September, lasting 3 days, and hosted by its members in turn. The first day of the meeting is often a symposium, the topics of which are consistent with FishBase related issues.

This year the annual meeting and symposium was organized by Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences and undertaken by Yellow Sea Fisheries Research Institute. Sixteen fish specialists from both home and abroad were present at the symposium. They gave presentations and discussed issues concerning fish germplasam biodiversity, fishery resources, fishery information systems and other issues of common concern. Ms. Liu Qing, Vice-President of CAFS gave a congratulatory remark at the symposium. She expressed thanks for other members’ support and acceptance of CAFS as the 9th member of the consortium. She also expressed that CAFS is willing and will be devoted to making positive contributions to FishBase future development in collaboration with other members. She also hoped that FishBase could enjoy more popularity and more people would be able to use this “treasure of knowledge”.