• East China Sea Fisheries Research Institute

    East China Sea Fisheries Research Institute is one of the national comprehensive fishery research organizations faced to three sea areas such as the East China Sea, the Yellow Sea and the South China Sea; it is mainly devoted to fishery research activities for the East China Sea and Estuarine of Yangtze River. There are more than 150 scientific research members in our institute, in which it has 15 researchers, 40 associated researchers, one mentor for student for doctor’s degree, 19 mentors for student for master’s degree, one person nominated as a candidate of “National Thousands of Experts Project in the New Century”, 3 premier scientists appointed by Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences, 4 persons nominated as “young expert with extraordinary achievements” by the Ministry of Agriculture and 32 experts who enjoyed the special allowance of government.

    Over the past 50 years it has made a great contribution to the development of fishery sciences in China in the research fields such as exploitation, utilization and management of fishery resources, fishery environment and assessment, fishing technique and fishery engineering, aquatic products processing and quality safety, aquaculture and enhancement, fishery remote sensing and fishery biological technology. More than 200 research achievements have been successively awarded prizes at different levels of our country, 16 of them have been awarded prizes of the national scientific and technological progress and 92 have been awarded prizes of scientific and technological progress at levels of ministry and province.

    Main research fields

    Laboratory of Fishery Resources

    It mainly undertakes research tasks such as investigation and monitoring of fishery resources, fishery ecology and mechanism of resource alteration, stock biomass, assessment of allowable catch and quota, enhancement of fishery resource and its effect assessment and exploitation of fishery resources in the distant waters, etc.

    Main experts

    Cheng Jiahua Researcher Email:ziyuan@sh163.net
    Li Shengfa Associated researcher Email:shengfa_li@msn.com
    Xie Yingliang Associated researcher Email: xieyingliang@hotmail.com

    Laboratory of Fishery Environment and Aquatic Products Processing

    It mainly conducts these researches including monitoring, evaluation and precaution of fishery ecological environment; rebuilding of ecological system in fishery waters and quality control of ecological environment; quality inspection of aquatic products and quality standard of aquatic products; safety control and assessment of aquatic products; utilization of fishery product resources and biological products, etc.

    Main experts

    Shen Xinqiang Researcher Email:esrms@public2.sta.net.cn
    Wang Yunlong Researcher Email:yunlong_wang@citiz.net
    Yang Xianshi Researcher Email:yangxianshi@21cn.com
    Xu Zhong Researcher Email:
    Yu Huijuan Researcher Email:yuhuijuan607@sohu.com
    Xu Zhaoli Researcher Email:xu_zhaoli@126.com
    Gui Congshi Researcher Email: guicongshi@eastfishery.ac.cn
    Cai Youqiong Associated researcher Email: caiyouqiong@163.com

    Laboratory of Fishing Technology and Fishery Engineering

    It is mainly engaged in doing researches including behavior and control of fish school; hydrodynamics of fishing gears and basic of fishery engineering; net material and function; inspecting technique of fishing gear and net materials; standardization of fishing gears and net materials; fishing gear and fishing method of distant water fishing and construction of artificial fish reef, etc.
    Main experts
    Chen Xuezhong Researcher Email:xuezhong@eastfishery.ac.cn
    Wang Lumin Researcher Email:luminwang@online.sh.cn
    Huang Hongliang Researcher Email:ecshhl@163.com
    Tang Zheming Associated researcher Email:tangzhengming@sina.com
    Guo Yiping Associated researcher Email:guo_yiping@sohu.com
    Yu Yuefeng Associated researcher Email:

    Laboratory of Biology and Germplasm in Aquaculture

    It mainly takes these research fields such as ecology and environmental carrying capacity in aquaculture, physiology, nutrition and disease control of aquatics; reproduction of excellent species and protection of Germplasm, technology and facilities for intensive culture; improvement of water quality in salina and ecological farming for salina at large scope; reproduction and culture of species at estuarine and waters with low salinity, etc.
    Main experts
    Zhuang Ping Researcher Email:pzhuang@online.sh.cn
    Wang Hui Researcher Email:huiwang55@hotmail.com
    Zhang Rongzhen Researcher Email:longzhen2885@hotmail.com
    Qiao Zhenguo Associated researcher Email:zhengguo.q@163.com
    Lai Qifang Associated researcher Email:laiqifang@hotmail.com
    Gao Lujiao Associated researcher Email:gaolujiaoyxk@126.com

    Laboratory of Fishery Biotechnology

    The research fields include acquirement and application of functional gene for aquatic animals and plants, studies on genetic diversity of idioplasmic resources and molecular ecology for aquatic animals and plants; exploitation and research on marine active materials and marine medicaments.
    Main Experts
    Ma Lingbo Associated researcher Email:lingboma@hotmail.com
    Miao Yuping Associated researcher Email:yupingmiao@hotmail.com

    Laboratory of Remote Seining and Information Technology in Fisheries

    The research fields cover retrieval method on marine environmental factors derived from satellite remote sensing technology, forecasting for nearshore fishing condition, development of application of intelligent process technology and establishment of data bank for fishery information, etc.
    Main experts
    Fan Wei Researcher Email:fanwee@126.com
    Zhou Sufang Associated researcher Email:

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