• Freshwater Fisheries Research Center


    Freshwater Fisheries Research Center is located at the side of Taihu Lake, Wuxi, it was jointly emerged from “Taihu Experimental Base for Fishery Enhancement” and “Asia-Pacific Regional Research And Training Center for Integrated Fish Farming” both established in Dec. 1978. Now the Center is equipped with over 180 staff members, out of 43 are senior research fellows, 22 of them have been honored with the Government-granted Allowances, 17 of them are doctorate and other graduate advisors. There have awarded with 4 State-level prizes; 31 Ministry and Province-level prizes; 28 national patents. There are over 800 quality papers along with over 100 books of the subject matters. The dominant discipline in the center’s research program consist of Genetic Breeding and Bio-techniques; Inland Fisheries Enhancement and Aquaculture; Principles and Practices of Integrated Fish Farming; Fishery Environmental Protection and Fishery Information etc. There are open laboratories respectively on “Genetic Breeding for Aquatic Animals and Aquaculture Biology” at the ministry level and “Inland Fishery Environment and Resources” at the level of the Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences in addition to “MOA Monitoring Center on Fishery Resources and Ecological Environment for Lower Reaches of Yangtze River”; “MOA Clinic Test Center on New Fishery Medicine”; “National Center on Exotic Aqua-animal Introduction and Domestication and Genetic Breeding”, which has successfully achieved new species as Jian Carp; genetic-improved Tilapia and Prawn. The fishery journal “Scientific Fish Farming” is the largest circulation. The Center has continuously for the past 28 years undertaken national foreign-aid programs and in a position of authorizations for issuing Doctorate and Master degrees and is available with post-doctoral research center offered by “Wuxi Fishery College” jointly established with Nanjing Agricultural University.

    Major Fields of Researches

    1. Fundamental Biology of Aquaculture and Genetic Breeding

    The research on genetics and breeding of the aquatic animals is orientated toward the clear clarification of the quality genetic characteristics and production of new and fine species.

    YANG Hong, Professor, yangh@ffrc.cn

    DONG Zaijie, Professor, dongzj@ffrc.cn

    Dr. FU Hongtuo, Professor, fuht@ffrc.cn

    2. Fishery Biodiversity Conservation and Fishery Stock Preservations

    The research covers stock resources of the aquatic animals and fishery bio-techniques: applied basis and applied researches of the fishery bio-techniques; preservation, conservation and use of the aquatic animals.

    Dr. XU Pao, Professor, xup@ffrc.cn

    Dr. YU Juhua, Professor, yujh@ffrc.cn

    3. Monitoring and Protection of Aquatic Environment for Fisheries

    The field covers the quality checks on fisheries environment, toxicology of the pollutants and the control approaches with biological rehabilitations, and the research on fishery food safety.

    Dr. YANG Jian, Professor, jiany@ffrc.cn

    CHEN Jiazhang, Professor, chenjz@ffrc.cn

    WU Wei, Professor, wuw@ffrc.cn

    4. Assessment and Management of the Fishery Resources

    The research covers the survey and monitoring of the fishery resources besides conservation and use of the inland fishery resources.

    SHI Weigang, Professor, shiwg@ffrc.cn

    YOU Yang, Associate Professor, youy@ffrc.cn

    5. Warning and Control of Vital Fishery Diseases and Calamities

    The research covers the warning systems and control approaches of vital diseases and calamities of the aquatic animals.

    XIE Jun, Professor, xiej@ffrc.cn

    YIN Guojun, Associate Professor, yingj@ffrc.cn

    6. Fishery Holding Capacity and Healthy Aquaculture

    The research covers healthy aquaculture and system aquaculture, breeding technologies of the non-traditional aquatic animals.

    MIAO Weimin, Professor, miaowm@ffrc.cn

    ZHOU Xin, Professor, zhoux@ffrc.cn

    BING Xuwen, Professor, bingxw@ffrc.cn

    7. Nutritional Studies for Aquaculture Animals

    The studies cover nutritional requirements of the major aquaculture species, development of a nutritional standard and formula of the aquaculture animals

    Dr. GE Xianping, Professor, gexp@ffrc.cn

    8. Fishery Economics and Information Technologies

    YUAN Yongming, Associate Professor, yuanym@ffrc.cn

    YUAN Xinhua, Associate Professor, yuanxh@ffrc.cn


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