Pearl River Fisheries Research Institute (PRFRI) of Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences is located in the southwest of Guangzhou city. It is a national fishery research organization in Pearl River valley. whose research fields are focused on application basic research and applied technique research for tropical and subtropical fishery. Institute have 210 employees, including 116 professional technicians personnel, there are 37 professor and associate professor.

    Mainly research fields of PRFRI is Fishery Germplasm Resource and Heredity Breeding , Aquatic Farming and Nutrition, Aquatic Animal Disease Prevention and Cure, Fishery Environment Inspection and Protection, Fishery Biotechnology, Aquatic Laboratory Animal Science and Urban Fishery. PRFRI has several Lab. and supervision departments, including Key Lab.of Tropical & Subtropical Fish Breeding & Cultivation of Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences, Key Lab. Of Commercial Aquatic Animal Disease of Ministry of Agriculture, Guangdong Key Laboratory of Aquatic Animal Immune Techniques, National Fishery Environment Field Research Station for Pearl River Estuary, Fishery Strain Quality Supervision Inspection & Testing Center (Guangzhou) of Ministry of Agriculture, etc.

    Since the founding of PRFRI, 106 scientific achievements have been obtained and awarded. Among them, the outstanding one was the artificial propagation techniques for Chinese carps, which made a great contribution to the development of fisheries in China and abroad. At present, PRFRI is taking on more than 100 research programs. including national key tasks in science & technology, the national high-tech research and development program (863 program), national fund for natural science and other projects of the Ministries and the local governments. Now it has become a modernized research institute with advanced instruments and facilities.

    Address: Xilang, Fangcun, Guangzhou, P. R. CHINA, 510380
    Telephone: +8620-81617543,
    Fax: +862081616162

    Lab of Aquatic Farming and Nutrition

    The Laboratory is focused mainly on the research in the field of the theory for the technology of high-yield and high-effect fish culture in earthen pond and aquatic animal’s nutrient demand. The Lab achieved a lot of scientific awards, which contributed to the social progress and made momentous profits. The professional staffs of the subject are now bearing responsibilities of nearly 15 research projects funded by different administrations or divisions.
    Prof. LU Mai-xin (卢迈新). Email: mx-lu@163.com
    Prof. WU Ru-iquan (吴锐全). Email: wuruiquan1@21cn.com
    Prof. HUANG Zhang-han (黄樟翰). Email: zhanghan.10@163.com
    Dr. and Prof. XIE Jun (谢骏). Email: xj007@tom.com

    Lab of fishery genetic resource and breeding

    The research fields of the lab are as follow: 1)Genetic selective breeding of important aquaculture economic fishes; 2)Germplasm resource and population genetics of aquatic animals in river; 3) Genetic resource conservation and protection of endangered aquatic animals in nature; 4)Propagation of wildness aquatic animals and introducing and utilizing of good aquatic breed.
    Dr. and Prof. ZHU Xin-ping (朱新平). Email: zhuxinping_1964@yahoo.com.cn
    Prof. CHEN Yong-le (陈永乐). Email: gzcyle@163.com
    CHEN Kun-ci (陈昆慈). Email: chenkunci@yahoo.com.cn
    ZHENG Guang-ming (郑光明). Email: zgmzyl@tom.com
    PAN De-bo (潘德博). Email: pdb008@tom.com

        Abdomen color of ratmouth barbel
          A:White B:Yellow C:Black

    Lab of Fish Disease Prevention and Cure

    The division of fisheries disease control is one of key subjects of PRFRI. It conducts integrated research to understand and solve disease problems for healthy cultivation of aquatic commercial animals. Its research fields include pathogen biology, epidemiology, disease diagnosis and pathogen detection, fish immunology and immune prevention, and drug treatment. Vaccine development is the main direction of its future research.
    Prof. WU Shu-qin (吴淑勤). Email: wushuqin001@21cn.com
    Prof. ZOU Wei-min(邹为民) . Email: zwm018@163.com
    Dr. and Prof. HUANG Zhi-bin(黄志斌). Email: hzb1393@163.com
    Prof. SHI Cun-bin (石存斌) Email: shicunbin2006@163.com
    JIANG Lan (姜兰). Email: jianglan2@tom.com
    PAN Hou-jun (潘厚军). Email: phj001@tom.com
    TAO Jia-fa (陶家发). Email: taojiafa6418@yahoo.com.cn
    LI Kai-bin(李凯彬). Email: likaibins@126.com

    Lab of biotech

    The research fields of the biotech subject of PRFI focus on: 1) Isolation, regulation of gene expression and engineering expression of growth or immune-related genes of fishes or shrimps. 2) Construction of transgenic fishes including RFP gene transgenic Tanichthys albonubes and fast growth fish by autotransgenesis. 3) Selection and cultivation of large-mouth bass and molecular markers assisted in selection of fish breeding. 4) Cooperation researches on tilapia selection and breeding, molecular identification of fish pathogens and engineering vaccines with subjects of Aquatic Farming and Fish Disease Prevention and Cure of PRFI.
    Prof. BAI Jun-jie (白俊杰), Email: Baijj2005@21cn.com
    Dr. and Prof. YE Xing (叶星), Email: gzyexing@163.com
    JIAN Qing (简清), Email: jianqing2@21cn.com
    LAO Hai-hua (劳海华), Email: laohh@163.com
    Transgenic Tanichthys albonubes

                   Left: RFP transgenic Tanichthys albonubes;
                   Right: Fast growth Tanichthys albonubes by autotransgenesis of β-actin promoter and GH gene

    Lab of fishery resource and environment

    The research fields of the lab are as follow:1) The fishery resources research work is consisted of investigation and evaluation on fishery resources、population dynamics、fishery resources protection and molecular biology; 2) the water environment research work is consisted of fishery ecology of estuary、investigation on fishery pollution emergency、water ecological toxicology、protection and recovery of fishery eco-environment and evaluating impact on environment.
    Prof. Luo Jian-ren (罗建仁), Email: fishlo@tom.com
    Prof. LI Xin-hui (李新辉), Email: lxhui01@tom.com
    Prof. LAI Zi-ni (赖子尼), Email: znlai01@163.com
    LIN Wenhui (林文辉), Email: whlin2000@tom.com
    WEI Tai-li (魏泰莉), Email: tailiw163@tom.com
    HU Guang-an (胡光安), Email: huguangan@163.com.
    Research direction: Information and network technology in the field of applied research fisheries