• Overview of International Exchange and Cooperation
    Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences (CAFS) is China’s national fishery science research institution. CAFS takes on the task of key basic research, key applied research and high-tech industry development for Chinese fisheries and it provides the technological support for the sustainable, stable, and healthy development of fishery. It also serves as fishery technological reserve. CAFS plays an important role in the promotion of fisheries by technology, cultivation of high level scientists and researchers and promotion of scientific exchange and cooperation both in China and around the world. Up to now, CAFS has carried out cooperative activities with over 60 countries and international organizations, like Norway, the United States, Finland, Japan, the Republic of Korea, FAO, UNDP and the WorldFish Center, etc. Substantial progress have been achieved through projects like “Bei-dou” with Norway, China-US living marine resources cooperation with the United States, etc. Starting from 1980s, CAFS has conducted for 29 years (till 2008) the integrated fish farming courses funded by the Chinese government and trained more than 1000 technical persons for more than 60 countries and regions. CAFS hosts a Forum on Fishery Science and Technology, which is the only serial international platform for fishery science and technology exchange in China. In addition, CAFS has successfully organized a number of international meetings like the 228th academic seminar of the Xiangshan Sciences Forum, Japan-China-Korea Fisheries Scientist Conference and the Second International GLOBEC Open Science Congress.
    CAFS has signed MOU or Cooperative Agreement with:
    1. WorldFish Cente
    2. Fisheries Research Agency, Japan
    3. National Fisheries Research & Development Institute, Korea
    4. TINRO-Centre, Russia
    5. Sea Grant, NOAA, USA
    6. The Branch Academy of Fishery Science, DPRK
    7. Department of S&T, Ministry of Fisheries, Vietnam
    8. SEAP, Brazil
    9. UCT, Chile