The innovation of fishery science and technology is now springing up in the world. The widely use of biotechnology, information technology, and new materials in fisheries and aquaculture has expanded the field of fishery research and accelerated the pace of globalization of R&D in fishery industry. In order to implement the spirit of World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD), to protect our limited living marine resources and to make contribution to world fishery development, Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences (CAFS) initiated Forum on Fishery Science and Technology in 2003. The forum was designed as a serial international forum, and up to 2007, five times of the Forum had been held successfully every year. Each forum focused on a subject that is the common concern of fishery sector. The aim of the forum is to strengthen the international cooperation in fishery research and to establish a platform for scientists and administrators to exchange information and experiences.

Up to now, the influence of the Forum has been more and more widely spread. In 2007’ Forum of Fishery Sciences and Technology, more than 300 attendees from 16 countries and areas attended the forum and 130 people gave the presentations on this symposium. 2008’Forum of Fishery Sciences and Technology will be held on 25-27 September 2008. The Forum on Fishery Science and Technology has been organized on a one-year basis. 2008 Forum on Fishery Science and Technology will focus on the key fields as follows:

--Aquaculture carrying capacity and ecological balance

--Ecological environment adjustment and restoration

--Eco-friendly fishing gear

--Rational exploitation and management for fisheries resources

--Seed source and germplasm improvement for aquaculture

--Food safety and fishery ecology

and correlative new concept, new technology and new method. We are sure that the successful initiation of the forum will promote the exchange and cooperation of fishery science and technology worldwide. Meanwhile, the forum has provided a platform for the experts from every country of the world in fishery and related fields.