updated Jan 9, 2017

Chinese First Independently Constructed Marine Fisheries Research Vessel Makes Debut

October 28 Chinese first independently designed and constructed marine fisheries research vessel made debut. The vessel “Nanfeng” had her official acceptance trial at dock of Rushan Shipbuilding Company, LLC, Shandong Province. This is another inauguration ceremony of an important project of South China Sea Fisheries Research Institute (SCSFRI) after the inauguration and commission ceremony of the first-stage construction of Shenzhen Test Base and Huadu Test Base in September, 2009. This is also a sign for the completion of “three important foundation engineering” of SCSFRI.

Nanfeng, fishery resources and environmental science research vessel in South China Sea district, 66.66 meters in length, 12.4 meters in width, 1980 tons in gross tonnage, 1920kw in main motor, 8000 sea miles endurance. Through design, construction, supervision, ship survey by related organizations and project staff from SCSFRI and their concerted efforts, the vessel was constructed for 19 months and it meets demands of acceptance trial.

Wang Taijian, vice president of CAFS, attended the ceremony and gave a speech. He said that the successful completion of fishery resources and environmental science research vessel in South China Sea district opens several “first” since the funding of CAFS: the first research vessel approved by National Development and Reform Commission; the first research modernly equipped vessel; the first independently design, constructed and supervised research vessel with high scientific and technological content, high difficulty, high quality demand, high producing technique level and high design level in China. The success of the research vessel and acceptance trial symbols CAFS steps up a new stage on resources investigation in South China Sea; it offers a new stage for marine resources investigation, and it also a big event on fisheries science and research.