updated Jan 9, 2017

UK’s Scholar visits South China Sea Fisheries Research Institute (SCSRI)

Accompanied by Professor YANG Yu-feng, Vice President of the Department of Biology, Jinan University, Dr. Linda May, a senior researcher with the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, Natural Environment Research Council of the United Kingdom, visits South China Sea Fisheries Research Institute on November 29.

Dr. Linda May visited some key labs of the institute, including MOA fishery environment key open laboratory and MOA fishery environment and aquatic product quality supervision and inspection center. She also exchanged her views in the relevant fields with the staff and experts of the institute during a seminar.

At the seminar, Dr. Linda May gave two presentations, namely “The Water Framework Directive: A new approach to improving water quality in Europe” and “Writing a scientific paper”. She presented a brief overview about the Natural Environment Research Council and the research aims, methods, outcomes, and challenges concerning water area ecological environment projects. In addition, she also exchanged her views concerning how to write an academic paper like wording, grammar details and structure arrangement.

This academic exchange not only helped researches from South China Sea Fisheries Research Institute gain a better knowledge about the new approach to improve water quality in Europe, but gave postgraduate students a better understanding of how to write academic papers in English for international academic journals

Organized by the deputy director of the institute Mr. JIANG Shi-gui, more than 50 scientific and technological personnel and joint training graduate students attended the seminar. At the seminar, both Mr. JIANG Shi-gui and Dr. Linda May expressed willingness to further strengthen the cooperation in the fields of water ecosystems studies, and promote scientific and technical personnel exchange.