updated Jan 9, 2017

Mid and Long Term Development Plan of CAFS Approved by MOA

Mid and Long Term Development Plan of CAFS (2009-2020) was approved by MOA executive meeting. The meeting was chaired by Dr. Sun Zhengcai, Minister of MOA. He pointed out that the plan is of strategic importance to guide the development of CAFS. He also stressed that as the national fishery research institution, CAFS shoulders heavy responsibility to lead the development of aquaculture and fishery and to join the efforts of fishery research institutes at all levels. For the implementation of planning, Minister Sun noted that three aspects should be handled properly. First, we must properly handle the relationship between current work and long-term goal; Second, it is necessary to enhance research capacity and to be of service to industry development at the same time; Third, institutional innovation and mechanism innovation should be given top priority with an open atmosphere.