updated Jan 9, 2017

Annual Meeting of CAFS Successfully Held in Beijing

Annual Meeting of CAFS was successfully held in Beijing on February 16. Vice Minister of MOA Dr. Zhang Taolin attended the meeting. Presidents, academicians, chief scientists, and directors from the academy were all present at the annual meeting.

President Zhang Xianliang made the annual work report entitled “Seizing opportunities with scientific planning, to strive for mid and long term development goals of CAFS”. In the work report, he summarized the achievements in 2008 and highlighted that Mid and Long Term Development Plan of CAFS should be implemented with clear steps and priorities. He stressed that the year 2009 is the first year in implementing the plan and therefore should be given due attention by all institutes and centers under CAFS with good steps to follow up. The institutes (centers) and individuals awarded 2008 National Science and Technology Progress Award, outstanding staff, and outstanding divisions were also commended at the annual meeting.