updated Jan 9, 2017

CAFS Technology Services and Promotion Meeting Held in Cangzhou

Spet.17 CAFS Technology Services and Promotion Meeting was held in HuangHua, Cangzhou, Hebei province. Zhang Taolin, vice minister of Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) attended the meeting and gave a speech.

Vice minister Zhang Taolin fully confirmed that since agricultural science and technology-home project in 2005, national fisheries research organization, represented by CAFS played a main role in technology extension. He pointed out that technology services and promotion have always been an indispensable part of agriculture, it always pushed forward the rural economy development. Through concerted efforts of massive fisheries scientists and technicians, the catalyst function of fisheries science to development of production was more direct and prominent. Zhang Taolin stressed that to strengthen technology services and promotion was a historic task of fishery scientific institutions. He demanded that CAFS not only be a national team on fisheries science, but also be a main force in the transformation.

CAFS president Zhang Xianliang pointed out that in the recent years scientific services were extensively developed and effects were enlarged. One hundred scientists scientific services team was formed to face national fisheries main producing areas, and key regional production in the first line of breeding. Experts on site guidance, remote network consulting, special training seminars, preparation of technical manuals and donation of books and reference materials were carried out. Emergency support was in time, and measures were effective. Aimed as industry and scientific production promotion, CAFS developed extensive academy and local area, academy and enterprise cooperation, effectively opened up scientific fruits transformation route. The transformation of scientific fruits was strengthened, transformation platform was initially formed. Many CAFS achievements, such as prawn, turbot, sturgeon breeding, shallow sea ecological cultivation, industrialized cultivation, microorganisms, pollution-free fishery drugs, shellfish purification and development and utilization of marine bio-enzyme technology were extensively applied in production, and they brought great economic and social benefits.

Cao Zhenguo, vice secretary of Hebei people’s government, and staff of provincial financial department and agriculture department, responsible persons of fisheries department of Shaanxi, Shanxi, Shandong, Gansu, Henan, Ningxia, and areas along the Yellow River and region and enterprise representatives cooperated with CAFS attended the meeting. The meeting commended excellent teams, models and advanced individuals that made prominent contributions to services and the promotion of science and technology, published important aquaculture species and manuals on healthy farming technical and training materials, and introduced one hundred experts team.