updated Jan 9, 2017

Domestic and Foreign Experts Join 2009 Forum on Fishery Science and Technology

Sept.26 CAFS hosted 2009 Forum on Fishery Science and Technology opened in Guangzhou. Zhang Taolin, vice minister of Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) attended the forum and gave an important speech.

Zhang Taolin said that Chinese rural areas have changed dramatically since funding of our country for 60 years. As an indispensable part of agriculture, with the development of opening-up, fisheries in China have had great achievement. Aquatic product was 48.96 million tons in 2008, 108 times of that in 1949. The economic aggregate increased a lot; the fishery production shared from 0.2% to 10% in agriculture, one of the fastest increasing industries; the export of aquatic product reached $10.6 billion, 26% of agricultural product exports, ranking the first place among the staple agricultural product list for nine consecutive years, and the fisheries international status improved a lot. Moreover, Chinese fisheries have not only solved the problem of effectively supply, but also stepped on an “aquaculture-base development” road. Aquaculture has been a main part in Chinese fisheries. At present, aquaculture output has been 70% of national aquatic production, 70% of the world aquaculture production.

Zhang Taolin pointed out that to secure effective supply of aquatic product and improve safety level of aquatic product, Chinese government carried out healthy culture of aquatic product in national wide as a highly responsible and practical attitude, stared national standardization of aquaculture pond reconstruction project. China has invested 16 billion in all, reconstructed aging aquaculture pond for seven million mu, and improved aquaculture facilities. To protect aquatic resources, save endangered aquatic resources and promote fishery healthy sustainable development, in recent years, Chinese government actively supported enhancement and releasing in the whole nation. Sense of aquatic resources and environmental protection was arose and sense of resources protection, scientific use and harmonious development was deep into people’s mind.

It was known that it has been seven years since the establishment of the Forum on Fishery Science and Technology in 2003, under great support from domestic and foreign experts, Forum on Fishery Science and Technology has developed into an international academic meeting facing China and world. More than 40 academic, teaching institutes from World Fish Center, USA, Japan, Korea, Russia and New Zealand and more than 260 experts and scholars took part in 2009 forum. The forum was titled “Healthy Aquaculture and Quality and Safety of Aquatic Products”, surrounded “Healthy proliferation & culture technology and fishery engineering”, “Fishery environment and aquaculture carrying capacity”, “Sustainable utilization of fishery resources” “Disease prevention and control”,” Aquatic product processing and quality control technology”, “Biotechnology and genetic breeding” to carry out the exchange and communication.