updated Jan 9, 2017

The 20th China, Japan and Korea Fisheries Scientists Conference Opens in Beijing

Oct. 20 The 20th China, Japan and Korea Fisheries Scientists Conference opened in Beijing. The conference was organized by Overseas Fishery Cooperation Foundation (OFCF) in Japan, and undertaken by CAFS this year.

The conference aimed at resources cultivation, biological ecology, resources management and oceanic environment in the neighboring seas of China, Japan and Korea. Researchers’ talk among the three countries would improve the sustainable usage of the oceanic resources and push forward the scientific cooperation in China, Japan and Korea. During the conference, more than 20 fisheries researchers from three countries discussed in the seminar with topic of “Current Situation and Future Development of Fisheries Resources Assessment and Management” , and the seminar was bound to push the related research of the three countries to a new stage.

It has been the 20th anniversary of the conference since 1990. Since two decades, the conference offered a good stage for the three countries to exchange and communicate fisheries sciences. Through deep communication, much achievement has well supported fisheries development among the three countries.