updated Jan 9, 2017

The 6th International Sturgeon Conservation Meeting Opens in Wuhan

Oct.26 The 6th International Sturgeon Conservation Meeting opened in Wuhan. The meeting was sponsored by National Aquatic Wildlife Conservation Association and World Sturgeon Conservation Society, undertaken by Chinese Academy of Water Engineering Institute of Ecology, Ministry of Water Resources, Yangtze River Fisheries Research Institute (YRFRI), CAFS, Fisheries Bureau of Hubei Province, China Yangtze Three Gorges Project Corporation Chinese Sturgeon Research Institute. Niu Dun, vice minister of Ministry of Agriculture (MOA), Zhao Bin, vice governor of Hubei People’s Government, Harald Rosenthal, president of World Sturgeon Conservation Society attended the meeting and gave speeches. More than 600 sturgeon scholars from 29 countries and areas, including China, Iran, Germany, USA, France, Canada, Russia, Japan and FAO, IUCN join the meeting. The opening ceremony was presided over by Chen Yide, deputy director of Fisheries Bureau of MOA.

Vice minister Niu Dun extended his warm congratulations to the successful opening of the 6th International Sturgeon Conservation Meeting and sincere welcome to all the guests. He pointed out that aquatic animals are not materials base for fisheries development and important resources of food protein, they are also the foundation of natural ecology. Conservation of aquatic animals is not only the requirement of promoting fisheries sustainable development and ensuring food safety, but also the requirement of maintaining ecological safety. Sturgeon is an indispensible component of biodiversity with crucial value in science and research, economy and ecology. He emphasized that protecting ecological environment is a hot issue in the current international society. Chinese government paid much attention to ecological environment protection and aquatic animals conservation. In 2006, state council decreed China's Aquatic Resource Conservation, the Platform for Action, determined that aquatic animals resources protection and enhancement, biodiversity and endangered species protection and water areas ecological conservation were the three main activities. To strengthen the aquatic animals conservation, since 1990s, Chinese government implanted ocean fishing moratorium, Yangtze River fishing ban, built conservation zone and carried out releasing and enhancement, and a series of measures, initially formed complete conservation and service systems, built complete conservation law system and regulation system. The situation that “government guide, society participate” was formed. Deputy director Niu Dun believed that scholars and experts from various countries and areas getting together in this meeting was a good opportunity for exchange with each other. It was bound to have positive effect on improving recognition of men to sturgeons, biodiversity and harmony between men and nature.

Harald Rosenthal highly appreciated the work that Chinese government has done to sturgeon conservation, and he exalted the efforts that made a successful International Sturgeon Conservation Meeting. In his speech he said the theme of this meeting was “man and harmonious nature”, and sturgeon was an example. Sturgeon was of high ecological and economic value, it was an important sign of biodiversity. At present, natural population of sturgeon decreased and the resources were approaching dry-up situation. He hoped that with this opportunity, we built sturgeon conservation family, cooperation platform, extensively absorbed persons with broad vision in World Sturgeon Conservation Society, and developed a win-win situation.


Zhu Jinshui, director of Hubei Provincial Department of Agriculture, Xu Hantao, director of Fisheries Bureau of Hubei Province, Li Yanliang, deputy director of fishery Command Center, MOA, Liu Qing, vice president of CAFS, Chang Jianbo, president of Chinese Academy of Water Engineering Institute of Ecology, Ministry of Water Resources, Zou Guiwei, president of YRFRI, Zhu Zuoyan, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and other leaders and experts attended the opening ceremony. Hubei Daily, Hubei TV, Chutian Metropolis Daily reported this meeting.