updated Jan 9, 2017

200 Marked Sturgeons Released into Yangtze River

Oct.30 Dr. Harald Rosenthal, president of World Sturgeon Conservation Society, attended the sturgeon releasing activity in Hubei Province. More than 110 fisheries experts from more than 20 countries around the world came to Qidu Dork, Shashi, Jinzhou Sect of Yangtze River for the releasing activity of the 6th International Sturgeon Conservation Meeting. The theme of the meeting is “man and harmonious nature”, and 200 one year sturgeons, 60-80 cm were released.

To trail, monitor and research Chinese Sturgeons, Yangtze River Fisheries Research Institute (YRFRI) marked the released with PIT and anchor buoy. The foreign experts said that this releasing demonstrates China’s progress in building harmonious society, promoting natural ecology conservation and sustainable development. He also said that this activity showed that China has made prominent attainments in sturgeon’s conservation and industry.

Leaders and experts came to YRFRI to have academic investigation and they exchanged with technicians there about there interested topics.

Li Yanliang, deputy director of Fishery Command Center Ministry of Agriculture (MOA), Zheng Guorong, deputy director of Fisheries Bureau of Hubei Province, Zou Guiwei, president of YRFRI, and Chen Bin, director of Fisheries Bureau of Jinzhou attended this activity.